Dot Fiftyone Gallery presents Mauro Giaconi

From Oct 27th through Nov 27th, 2006 Dot Fiftyone Gallery presents the solo exhibition Unburden by Argentinean artist Mauro Giaconi. The exhibition will feature more than 24 artworks from the artist’s most recent production including drawings on canvas, paper and glass, three-dimensional objects and art video installations. Giaconi works in the world of construction. That certainty arises out of the borders of the things that the artist chooses to represent bricks, scaffolds, tubes, wires, and stairs. Nevertheless, Giaconi’s way of thinking goes far beyond shapes, materials, or tools. Behind images there are underlying questions, floating on the fragility of supports; the underlying fear that what does not seem solid, may break into pieces at any moment. For more information, please call: 305.573.9994

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