John Zoller’s Series “United States Color and Learn” at PM Gallery

From Oct 6th trough Nov 3rd 2006 New selected paintings by John Zoller for his series United States Color and Learn will be on exhibition at the PM Gallery in Miami Beach from October 6th, 2006. Included will be his newest diptych and wall installation entitled Walrus in Alaska. The United States Color and Learn Series are paintings and drawings with a timeless quality based on American educational coloring books. These paintings and drawings are a reflection of the fabric of our country, and take on a new sense of urgency within the context of current events. This series is intended to be provocative: intended to make the viewer question and affirm views of the traditional American ideals of family, liberty, prosperity, progress, our institutions such as the military and current views of American power and our place in the world. PM Gallery is located at 335 Ocean Drive, # 113 in Miami Beach. This series explores an idealized indoctrinated American vision as taught to children, and all its implications. For more information, please call 954.234.2771

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