Etra Fine Art. Ricardo Pelaez.

October 2009.

Etra Fine Art Gallery, located in Miami Design District, is currently hosting a solo exhibition titled Art in Context by artist Ricardo Pelaez throughout the month of October.

Ricardo Pelaez is a Colombian artist with a vision for the arts that blends together design, etching and architecture, which are the focus of his latest project. In the series, “Art in Context”, Pelaez focuses on creating 3-D installations with the ability to become interactive.

Central to each composition are references to iconic imagery. In “Fritza. Bitte Sitzt,” for example, Pelaez reinterprets Gustav Klimt’s famous painting, “Fritza von Riedler,” extending a decorative pattern from the painting through the foreground and continuing on to the livable space of a chair. The end result seamlessly joins the object with the painting, which blurs the line between art and design. “My goal is to create works that are both beautiful and functional,” said Paleaz. “I hope viewers are captivated by these 3-D pieces and feel that they too are part of the experience.”

Etra Fine Art
50 NE 40th Street
Miami, FL, 33137 USA

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