Everglades National Park Exhibition

From Jan 7th through Jan 31st, 2007The renowned photographer Rick Cruz, has been invited back for his second exhibit at Everglades National Park. The exhibition will be at the Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center in Homestead, FL. An opening reception with the artist will take place on January 7th, 2007. Rick will be premiering his latest black and white landscape photographs capturing Florida’s natural beauty and rare ecosystem. He will also be displaying his collection of threatened and endangered rare plant species from our national parks and preserves. As part of this collection, there are orchids that have just been rediscovered after decades of being documented as extinct. Also, an endangered cactus found only on one Island of Biscayne National Park. And as in the earlier exhibit, Rick will offer his latest finds of the rare and mysterious Ghost Orchid. For the first time, Rick will also be including a few pieces from his touring exhibit, commissioned work by University of Miami, RSMAS, of Little Salt Spring’s historical archeological site. For more information, please call: 305.298.7554

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