Hardcore Art Contemporary Space

Happily Ever After Through Feb, 2007Happily Ever After, the new exhibition at Hardcore Art Contemporary Space in Wynwood Art District deals with cultural and social stereotypes from a critical point of view. It renders through emblems, metaphors and parodic stand points, the twisted misconceptions of myth. It rehearses ritual narratives questioning the commodity-image of social roles. It exposes the struggles and conflicts of collective mentalities on stigmatic expectations such as Fairy Tales and Prince Charming. Happily Ever After regards femininity, gender, family, couples, as main sub-categories, presenting them through . The works presented are installation, video, performance and digital photography. The exhibition showcases works by more than twenty international contemporary artists who deal with cultural politics and question social clichés. The invited artists in this collective exhibition are Aisen Chacin, Amparo Sard, Andrea Camargo, Andreina Rodríguez, Andrés Michelena, Antuan, Arnaldo Morales, Benito Laren, Caetano Díaz, Carl Pascuzzi, Cesar Rojas, Dr. Muu, Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin, Felipe Herrera, Holly Lynton, Jennifer A. Reis, Jonathan Stein, Lili(ana), Li Pinghu, Lucia Pizzani, Magnus Sigurdason, Maleonn, Marcos López, Maria Paula Doberti, Mari Carmen Carrillo, Maria Antonia Rodríguez, Martín Castillo, Mercedes Elena González, Milton Rosa Ortiz,, Nela Ochoa, Nina Dotti, Ragnar Kjartansson, Richard Garet, Saskia Jordá, Sydia Reyes, Vickie Pierre, Virginia Corda, Vivian Massry, among others. For more information, please call: 305.576.1645

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