Lucia Ballester at Nuez Art Gallery

From Nov 17th through Dec 31st, 2006During the months of November and December 2006, Nuez Art Gallery will be presenting Bestiario (Bestiary), an exhibition by Lucia Ballester. Lucia is a writer and a poet with many titles already published. As many of us, she has eventually ventured into other disciplines like drawing or engraving. This time, Nuez Art Gallery is presenting several sculptures that have taken shape out of many little drawings Lucia creates every night before going to bed. According to Lucia, these little drawings will help her with a better sleep, as they exorcise her deepest fears. Her drawings are like little creatures coming out of a fantastic book. Beautiful little creatures that with the help of master sculptor Carlos Gonzalez have been transformed into iron sculptures. Lucia’s works, including her writings, are enigmatic, yet innocent. They are all the result of the mind of an artists who communicates from within and make no distinction of senses. Her written words are not different from her drawings neither from her feelings. The sculptures at Nuez Art Gallery honor her honesty as a an artists that have found in her art, a refuge where she can spend time with her dearest creations. Lucia Ballester graduated at the Universidad de la Habana of Art History in 1978. For more information, please call: 305.631.2772

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