Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Jiae Hwang. Take My Hand to Farthest StarIn this exhibition, Take My Hand to The Farthest Star, Jiae Hwang employs video, origami and works on paper to further explore her identity as a Korean immigrant, as a young woman, and as someone who sees galaxies within each of us. An interest in string theory and the implications of multiple dimensions led her to make a body of work which treats each aspect and metaphors of identity as different perspectives of many identities existing in one person at once. 10 Star Children, a series of individual silhouettes of young girls, each wear an assortment of plastic star and planetary elastics in their hair. The overlapping blue and red lines give the impression that you are looking at the girl with an x-ray machine. The girls remind us that corporeal bodies contain galaxies yet cannot confine them. The plastic and metal hairpins show up like bones, essential parts of the girls’ inner being. Hwang achieves the x-ray effect with her works on Mylar by layering several sheets on top of one another. On each sheet she draws different, but similar drawings, emphasizing different colors or shapes in each layer. The result is a shadowy and x-ray version of depth. For more information, please call: 305-448-8976

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