Ideobox presents Eugenio Espinosa

March 11th through April 20th, 2006Ideobox Art Space is currently presenting “Poeirada”, a solo exhibition by Venezuelan artist Eugenio Espinoza. Eugenio Espinoza’s paintings, drawings and installations are marked by a strong graphic influence. He started his career as an artist after graduating from Pratt Institute in New York in the early seventies. During the last decades his work has been exhibited in museums and institutions throughout Latin America. A good example of his graphic influence and his early success as a contemporary artist is his piece “Impenetrable”, an installation exhibited at the Ateneo de Caracas in 1972. Espinoza currently lives and works in Miami but his art continues to have an international acceptance. His pieces are part of prestigious collections like Patricia Cisneros Collection, Solita Mishan Collection, Tanya Brillembourg Collection, Ruth Gross Collection and the Banco Mercantil of Venezuela Collection. “Poeirada” is curated from a selection of works on paper where Espinoza uses unconventional print techniques and drawing. On this series, he incorporates a fax machine transmittal to print images and photographs that have been sent trough the phone line. For more information, please call: 786.217.4300

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