French Impressionism and Boston.

Norton Museum of Art . Through Mar 5th, 2006Norton Museum of Art has turned into the first U.S. venue for an international exhibition featuring fifty-three masterworks from the world-renowned collections of the MFA in Boston. This exceptional exhibition explores the influence of the French Impressionist painters on Boston’s artists and collectors during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Originally inspired by the sight of a homeless man who had created a two-kart elevated loft bed parked under a tree in downtown Miami, Johnston began to explore the idea in a unique way of demanding that artwork not only be critically informed but also a positive and viable contribution to the community. Among the artists are Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston herself, Wendy Doscher-Smith, Damian Rojo, Brian Opalka, Ann Everton, Anthony Mangicapra and Kiki Valdes among others. The exhibition presents an entire collection of karts, as well as select artwork from participating artists. For more information, please call: 561.832.5196

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