Glexis Novoa at Lowe Art Museum

April 15th through Jun 4th, 2006Lowe Art Museum is presenting a solo show by Cuban born artist Glexis Novoa. The exhibition Glexis Novoa: Visionary artist gathers works drawn from local collections and has been organized and curated by Denise Gerson, featuring a site-specific installation by the artist. Novoa has been a Miami resident since 1995 and is best known for his drawings and installations using graphite on marble. Sometimes precise and controlled, other times hallucinatory, Novoa’s work employs a dazzling command of Renaissance perspective space, dominated by a horizon line and an equally relentless vanishing point. Meticulously drafted depictions of cityscapes explore both physical and psychological landscapes, evoking recognition of how memory is distorted by nostalgia and expectation. Some of the images conjure Miami with startling accuracy; others are extrapolated from the history of architecture. Often, urban skylines, seen from afar, are juxtaposed against vast oceans, or supported surreally by massive, floating, vessel-like forms. Time and memory seems to be the core of his conceptual approaches. Immenseness and far horizons, mixed with power iconography and architectonic forms like ruined cathedrals, modern skyscrapers, and victory statues, fill the eye and mind appealing to an utopic folly of political power. Novoa has a very unique way of representing his ideas. His immaculate technique please the eye and makes you travel in time, both to the past and the future. As you engage with him in the “Fantastic Voyage” along never ending perspective and through imaginary landscapes, you will be amazed how familiar his visions can be. We all need a reality check once in a while. In the exhibition Glexis Novoa: Visionary Artist, you will travel with him, and will comeback with your perspectives changed. For more information, please call: 305.284.3535

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