Guy Limone

at Emmanuel Perrotin From May 12th through Jul 21st, 2007Guy Limone is exhibiting for the first time in Miami at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. He is a painter, and yet he has traded his brushes for figurines, labels, and fluorescent lighting. Known as an artist of statistics, Guy Limone came to art via census reports and lists. He lines up tiny hand-painted figures in meticulously arranged rows along gallery walls and gives form to statistical information; christening the resulting work with such long names as 160 out of every 1000 Americans have passports. The statistics he reports are reflections of failures – they speak of economic and cultural boundaries and reveal a world that is more concerned with recording human suffering than it is with solving its problems. Consistent but not resigned, he observes our society, revealing its dysfunctions and denouncing its failings. A man of integrity and sincerity, he underscores absurdities, fights against disparities, and always adopts an offbeat approach. Limone utilizes packages, labels, and magazine images like tubes of paint. Drawing on personal archives that represent years of accumulation, the artist arranges his materials to form large patchworks that he calls “Tapisseries”. Such constructions are organized by hue and envelope their settings, often sprawling from floor to ceiling. Obsessed by color, Limone photographs and gathers images compulsively to create ephemeral collections. A gleaner as much as a wanderer, he compiles images, information, and statistics, reflecting back an impression of a world fragmented, yet by no means divided. For more information, please contact: 305.573.2130

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