Ideobox Art Space showcases A Collective Sum

From Apr 10th through May 2010.

altThe exhibition A Collective Sum, presenting works by artists Pepe Lopez, Andres Monteagudo and Juan Iribarren is currently on view at Ideobox Artspace until May 2010.

Venezuelan artist, Pepe Lopez creates artwork using disposable objects to represent the significance of sustainability. He uses sensible geometrics to demonstrate the physicality and tangibility of objects. Lopez invites the viewer to his journey and perspective of globalization by playing with representations of commercial society. One of his recent works on display considers the notions of gravity and space with a kite-like sculpture, forming a web depicting a mathematical equation.

Spanish artist, Andres Monteagudo’s drawings are linear representations of negative and positive space. His work consists of wires on canvas, which seemingly lead to a tension within space and geometric dimensions. Each line seems to escape the horizon defying the limits of the canvas, making them appear three-dimensional and endless. The vertical and horizontal lines symbolize an undercurrent of mathematical conclusions about the physical world and man’s relationship with it.

Juan Iribarren’s vision is to join together the incongruity between atmosphere and geometry in painting. Originally from Venezuela, Iribarren’s work reflects the evolution of contemporary Latin American art. Focusing on diagonals of light and shadows that occur on an empty white wall, which he documents on canvas. By intentionally displaying the paintings diagonally from one another creates a new irregularly shaped format showing the tension of their geometry.  Ultimately, a new “empty” square format is implied in the grouping. The colors reflect different hues of light and shadows creating juxtaposition between space and lines.

Ideobox Artspace
2417 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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