KaBe Contemporary. Luca Pozzi

From Mar 13th through Apr 2010.

altKaBe Contemporary presents the works of young Italian artists Luca Pozzi, Francesca Pizzo and Studio ++, in collaboration with Galleria 42 from Modena, Italy. Through installation, sculpture, drawings and video, the exhibition invites viewers to explore different interpretations of the contemporary world.

Luca Pozzi (B.1983) bases his work on the relationship between the pictorial and physical dimension. The necessity to structure a system without a theoretical point of reference is represented by Background Inside Platform (2008): a sea sponge suspended in electromagnetic levitation on a black surface filled with water. The sponge, which according to Yves Klein is the essence of the painting, in this case “absorbs” water without touching it, capturing its reflection. So the “painting” is on the mirror of water and enters the sponge by means of a non-induced physical process. In Supersymmetric Partner (2009) Pozzi makes recognition of Paolo Veronese’s suppers through a real jump that is photographically captured in a perfect instant of suspension.

The works presented by Studio ++ (Fabio Ciavarella, b.1982; Umberto Daina, b.1979; Vincenzo Fiore, b.1981) concentrate on expression and experimentation, using new technologies to deal with themes pertaining to contemporary man. In Senza Titolo 2009,hundreds of white sheets of paper describe the trajectory of a bullet, breaking it down in to photographic shots of its intangible passage. The web installation Domani e un altro giorno (2009), consists in the lengthening of the duration of the movie Gone with the Wind to an infinite period of time (five billion years), extending each individual frame almost until all relation with the following one is lost, as is the difference between the two.

Francesca Pizzo (B.1981) presents a series of drawings Girotondobianco (2008), mixing general and specific memory, religion and art. In Erasing Amyloo (2010), Pizzo works on a series of poems written by men for women. In this piece she studies the interaction of women and men in our society, and how men perceive women in a romantic and sometimes sad way.

KaBe Contemporary
123 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

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