Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova

at David Castillo Gallery From May 12th through Jun 2nd, 2007David Castillo Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Miami – based artist Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova titled Now As Then. This is the artist’s first solo show with the gallery and it is also the first which consists of mostly objects informed by the themes the artist has been exploring for several years, including domesticity, memory, nostalgia, and the banality of suburban life. Rodriguez-Casanova employs the Minimalist language to great effect using everyday objects in the dissection of the absoluteness of the everyday or commonplace. An integral concept behind his work, both in the current body of new sculptures and to his larger oeuvre, is making yourself at home or home making. Rodriguez-Casanova explores how home making is something every human is actively involved in across any and all backgrounds which serve to differentiate. It is common ground for all human beings. Home making or the domestic environment is always in flux, always improving upon itself. Rebuilding a feeling of home is embodied in the artist’s sculptures. As commentary, the works investigate why some objects are given greater importance than others in domestic life. This in turn leads to exploring belief systems of why people in their private spheres work extremely hard at creating things or building up an environment that is known perhaps only to them and never to the outside world. Several pieces in the exhibition explore all these ideas in depth. For more information, please call: 305.573.8110

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