Miami in Transition at MAM

April 27th through Oct 29th, 2006Tapping the dynamic energy of a changing city, Miami in Transition features 21 Miami artists whose work responds to the city’s rapid, dramatic transformation in light of trends in the current real estate market. Curated by Lorie Mertes and René Morales, the exhibition features more than 50 works that range from focused responses to construction and demolition to more general meditations on art and life amid an environment in flux. While some works mourn the loss of cherished sites, others deal with the city’s future. The media employed by the artists on view are as varied as their responses to the building boom. In addition to drawing, installation, painting, photography and sculpture, the exhibition includes everything from a zoetrope to the latest in digital technology. Artists represented in Miami in Transition are: Daniel Arsham, Natalia Benedetti, Vicenta Casañ, Xavier Cortada, Patricio Cuello, Andrés Ferrandis, Mark Handforth, William Keddell, Leila A. Leder-Kremer, Nicolas D. Lobo, Michael Loveland, Glexis Novoa, Martin Oppel, Placemaker, Tao Rey, Leyden Rodríguez-Casanova, George Sánchez-Calderon, Tina Spiro, Ivan Toth DePeña, Thomas Brian Virgin and Purvis Young. Miami in Transition is the first Miami Art Museum exhibition dedicated entirely to Miami artists since the highly successful, year-long New Work series in 2001. For more information, please call: 305.375.3000

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