Revolutionary Tides: The Art of the Political Poster, 1914-1989

Wolfsonian Museum. Through Jul 30th, 2006One more time the Wolfsonian Museum has organized a remarkable exhibition on graphic arts. Revolutionary Tides: The Art of the Political Poster, 1914-1989 is on view at its installation in South Beach. The exthibition focuses on the turbulent years of the 20th century, bringing together more than 100 of the most exceptional examples from the vast poster collections of the Hoover Institution at Stanford and The Wolfsonian at Florida International University. Curated by Dr. Jeffrey T. Schnapp, director of the Stanford Humanities Lab, examines the key role played by crowds in modern politics and society from the First World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Revolutionary Tides presents posters from such diverse political settings as New Deal America, the Soviet Union of Stalin’s Five-Year Plans, China’s Cultural Revolution, the protest movements of the 1960s and Ayatollah Khomeiniís in Iran. Many of the works featured are by world-renowned graphic artists such as John Heartfield, Gustav Klutsis and Xanti Schawinsky, and includes the iconic Norman Rockwell illustration depicting Freedom of Speech. ì

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