PressitOn Art Gallery

New Works. From Aug 27th through Sep 19th, 2009.

PressitOn Art Gallery announced the opening of “New Works,” a group show comprising previously unseen works from mosaic master Laura DiNello, Atlanta’s Cedric Smith, Elena Madden who is renowned for her mixed-media water landscapes, realist painter Terry Strickland and award-winning fine art photographer Tobia Makover. “New Works” will also debut the photographic work of South Florida newcomer Jamie Baldridge.

Louisiana-based Baldridge is a master of digital manipulation adept at skillfully weaving a delicate blend of surreal Victorian-imagery and compelling characters that effortlessly blend to form truly unique and unforgettable tales. “The worlds I create are inhabited by the same archetypical characters that have, for centuries, served to describe the human experience; all at once profane, tragi-comical, and erudite,” said Baldridge. “Implicit in my work is an invitation to the viewer to experience nothing less than wonder, awe, or vaudevillian transcendence above the tedium of daily life. And it would be nice if they got a little bruised on the way.”

PressitOn Art Gallery
4100 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

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