PressItOn Art Gallery's Grand Opening

Apr 11th, 2009. 7:00 p.m.  PressItOn Gallery. Miami Art GalleriesPressItOn Art Gallery has a different vision for the Miami art market. Owner Adrian Pasieka’s long-term dream was to create an art gallery where harmony and education is promoted through art. He wants to create an environment where groups of people come together, explore and discuss important issues of today’s world. Activities such as meditation groups, lectures and poem readings are indented in the near future. PressItOn Art Gallery is opening the doors featuring artists whom art gallery director Adela Holmes has dealt with in the past.

The gallery roster includes artists such as Laura DiNello who cuts her paintings into small pieces and reconstructs them back, turning the paintings into gorgeous very complex canvas mosaics; June Stratton whose realism oils are derived from motion photography; or Cedric Smith whose mixed media paintings show African Americans on large advertising signs that look like they are from a time where you would not see blacks portrayed on everyday-billboards or labels of food products. Other artists in the roster include Terry Strickland, Witold-K, Elena Madden, Rhia and Tobia Makover.
The gallery will eventually represent more international artist with a heavy concentration on Europe. PressItOn will show establishes as well as emerging artist who’s message and reflection of their environment have world changing intents as well as personal exploration of self.
PressItOn Art Gallery
4100 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

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