Searching for Love & Fire at David Castillo

David Castillo Contemporary Art. April 8th through May 31st, 2006David Castillo presents a magical and energetic group exhibition featuring new work by 22 contemporary artists from New York and Miami. With a compelling range of media, themes, figuration and abstraction, these works solidly fit into a show revolving around love and fire. This exhibition includes art by artists already known for their work, as well as artists who will show either in this gallery or anywhere, for the very first time. “I am excited to have had the opportunity to include the works of Miami artists in an exhibition about the far reaching consequences of color, form, concept, and execution”, says Mr. Castillo. Among the Miami selections are Arlene Berrie, Ernesto Burgos, Chris Byrd, and Pepe Mar. The exhibition also includes works by Brian Belott, Katherine Bernhardt, Katherine Bradford, Joe Bradley, Melissa Brown, Larry Carlson, Brendan Cass, Andrew Guenther, John Hodany, Xylor Jane, Sylvan Lionni, Renee Nikita, Beth Reisman, Daniel Rosenbaum, Lisa Rubenstein, Cordy Ryman, Bill Saylor, and Michael Williams. For more information, please call: 305.573.8110

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