Thank-fool-nest: Opening&Concert at Broward Art Guild Gallery

Nov 16-22, 2019

Thank-fool-nest Art Exhibit shows selected Artwork of the Artist, Erick Estevanell, created in the last fifteen years, and it includes a number of Oil paintings, charcoal drawings, and also Photography. This selection of pieces illustrates the development of Erick’s artistic process, in his search for meaning and balance, while trying to deconstruct the iconography
and the preconditioning of the mind as well as preserving an overall style which strives on the surreal and the unknown. In this robust body of work the artist combines a big amount of techniques, in an intent to harmonize elements of nature with abstracts of the imagination, and to bring to life a unique ambiance, a personal universe where anything is possible, and where time and space have no dimension.

Opening Reception

Nov 16, 2019, 6:30 PM

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