Marcos Castro: SO IT WILL BE THE PAST at Dot FiftyOne Gallery

Dec 1, 2019 - Jan 15, 2020

Mexican-born artist Marcos Castro works across a wide range of different media, connecting with the idea of art as a sacred sphere. Primarily based on his drawing skills as a key to his creative process, he also makes painted ceramics, installations, paintings, and murals. The challenge in his ouvres to capture symbolic elements in myths, local stories and in national history or natural environments in order to exploit their potential to generate new identities from old images. “Ruins” are a leitmotif across his work. The essence of this approach is to show subjects in new and revelatory ways, and in doing so to heighten their physical and emotional resonance. This is why Castro is so interested in the power of rituals and mural as they produce a space for commonality and utopia for art experience.

Marcos Castro (b. 1981, Mexico City, Mexico) is one of the most prominent artists of his generation. He has had diverse solo exhibitions at very early age, both in Mexico and internationally. Among his exhibitions: El color del sur [The color of the south] at Machete in Mexico City, Objetos Necesarios [Necessary Objects]at Dot Fiftyone Gallery in Miami, Florida, Futuras Ruinas [Future Ruins] at Galería Luis Adelantado in Mexico City, Negras Tormentas [Black Storms] at the Clauselito in the Museum of Mexico City, Número Bestial [Bestial number] at the Museum Ex Teresa Arte actual, among others. He is founding member and co-director of the cultural space Obrera-Centro.

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