Tracey Hagen opens The Journey

From Sep 16th through Oct 16th, 2006To inaugurate her arrival at the Art Center South Florida, Tracey Hagen presents a series of photographs in an exhibition as intimate as it is confrontational. Titled The Journey, Hagen’s latest work navigates an elusive passage to self-knowledge. According to the artist, the exhibition is a “personal project that recaptures past moments. The Journey portrays the fears I have overcome, my deep transformation, and the open, vulnerable, and loving me that has emerged.” Throughout The Journey Hagen invites viewers to witness her personal transformation in an act of vulnerability. Absent is Hagen’s own likeness; rather, this visual autobiography reveals Hagen’s inward self through an exposé of others. Among the sundry personages, however, the viewer is likely to uncover aspects of him or herself. Hagen’s journey intends to be an excursion into the thoughtful, sentient moments that unite us all. For more information, please call: 305.695.9288

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