Udo Nöger and Luis M. Alonzo-Barkigia

at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts From Mar 10th through Apr 7th, 2007Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts is presenting two solo exhibitions for the Wynwood Art District second Saturday gallery walk to take place on March 10th, 2007. On view, in the main gallery will be the exhibition Me Water by Udo Nöger and in the project room Luis M. Alonzo-Barkigia’s Earth and Upheaval. A sovereign’s discourse upon light and space is characteristic of the paintings found in Udo Nöger’s solo exhibition Me Water. In his sensuous, monochromatic and delicately layered artwork, Nöger pursues the traditional parameters of painting yet pushes the boundaries in the interaction of light, color and open space. Nöger’s recent work incorporates translucent materials, which emphasize the artist’s interest in light and it’s manifestations. In the project room, Luis M. Alonzo-Barkigia presents his solo show Earth and Upheaval. This exhibition focuses on Immanuel Velikovsky’s book of a similar title, and the scientific theories he proposed, as well as the debate that it instigated. It also applies catastrophic theories to a contemporary discourse concerning current socio-political events and cultural trends. The work presented depicts cultural transmutation in a chaotic state. A moment when implosive and explosive forces lead to the shattering of established societal norms. For more information, please call: 305.576.1804

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