Ambrosino Gallery

Annie Wharton’s Bang! From Mar 10th through Apr 8th, 2007Ambrosino Gallery, located in Wynwood Art District, is opening the solo exhibition Bang! by artist Annie Wharton. While working in the traditional medium of painting, Los Angeles-based artist creates a unique iconography for a rapidly-moving fantasy world. In her most recent exhibition entitled Bang!, language is manifested by color, form and movement. For Bang! at Ambrosino Gallery, Wharton creates 17 new paintings on Belgian linen ranging in size from 8 x 10 inches to 3 x 6 feet. In addition to the paintings, she will also add her signature mural elements made of sculptural paint drawings on Mylar. Wharton, whose earlier works were painted on slick, shiny patent vinyl, is now using Belgian linen primed with rabbit-skin glue, a rich, organic surface laden with art historical reference. But she replaces conventional gesso and oils with her own distinctive paint mixtures, carefully arranged on these canvases. The techno-vivid paints she formulates in her Chinatown studio using a variety of plastics, pigment dispersions, and metals bring to mind materials customarily reserved for synthetic mass production, not traditional painting studio paraphernalia. For more information, please call: 305.798.4281

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