Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

Aya Takano From Feb 10th through Apr 7th, 2007Galerie Emmnaruel Perrotin, located in Wynwood Art District is opening a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Aya Takano. Trained in the popular style known as kawaii (cute) as a creator for Nintendo video games, Takano portrays endearing, wide-eyed androgynous figures with slender bodies; their extremities are systematically reddened, as if to illustrate their extreme sensitivity. For the Japanese, her work is technically flawless. Her mastery of drawing and color, together with an innate capacity for speed, is so great that Takashi Murakami has compared her to the brilliant Hoskusai Katsushika, the 18th-century painter and printmaker. Aya Takano lives in a world where giant squid fly among buildings; a colorful dream-scape in which people are stamped with blue dots on their backsides and others wear birds upon their heads like hats. The meanings of these recurring symbols are elusive and ultimately constitute the unique charm of her visual vocabulary; which is as strange and intoxicating as the heady exoticism of a foreign language. For more information, please visit :

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