Galerie-Lausberg from Dusseldorf and Toronto comes to Miami

Through Jan 17, 2010.

altGalerie-Lausberg was first founded in Dusseldorf, Germany by Bernd A. Lausberg and today has two more branches, one in Toronto, Canada, and one in Miami, USA. The gallery serves as a forum for innovators in the field of contemporary art. Critical to the gallery´s choice of artists is the individual artist’s unnerving striving to establish new directions within established genres. This applies to those artists that are productive on and beyond the edge of the boundaries of painting, figure drawing, and sculpture as well as those whose conceptual and thematic creations serve as a bridge between 3-dimensional form and art of an installation character, or whose manifestation itself is a result of a particular engaged artistic and creative calling. New media, materials and techniques are welcome ingredients in this quest to enhance or broaden traditional means of perceiving art.

Galerie-Lausberg is currently presenting its first Miami exhibition featuring the work of two artists Michael Burges / Reverse Glass Paintings and Hebert Mehler / Curved.

Michael Burges works are painted on the reverse of a glass surface with a vivid palette that sometimes indulges in tones of the same color or creates contrasts with a metallic gold or silver background. In other works equilibrate polychrome compositions attract the viewers’ eyes. Burges’ use of white and black reminds the beginning and end of color. He rises above the expressive quality of abstraction adding to it the innovative element of glass reverse painting, making his canvas brilliant and multidimensional. His balanced compositions with the metallic background become a contemporary piece plentiful of luxury and refinement. In the artist’s words: his paintings are created to have extraordinary color presence and impact, yet they do not intend a narrative meaning. Before personal interpretation, they are painted simulations of natural patterns. The background reality of our world, like a “visual sound” of potential macro and microcosmic structures. In this sense they are painterly analysis of phenomena, and at the same time an exploration of our interpretive perceptions.

With a contrast between the organic and the geometric Herbert Mehler’s works highlight the geometric foundation of life form. Moreover, this contrast is insinuated by the sensual curves of the sculptures that extraordinarily oppose with the hard surfaces of the material in which the sculptures are done (Corten steel, welded and patinated). From far these artworks may look soft and light almost as a flower or shell like. From a closer look they attract you so much that you won’t stop to admire and enjoy them, wanting to touch them. Mehler’s sculptures accomplish the unique goal of defying gravity and logical order giving the most pleasurable feeling as you are confronted with their illusion of lightness and a vision of beauty. According to the exhibition catalogue: the idea behind Herbert Mehler’s sculptures is nature, the plant world, fruits and seeds. They appear to transform the weight of metal into soft and seemingly light shapes. Their rhythmic and fan-like structure at the same time is strongly suggestive if architectural and technical forms. This ambivalence makes his works so captivating.

Galerie-Lausberg Miami
1929 NW 1st Avenue
Miami FL 33136

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