Gallery Schuster Miami

Through Feb 2011.

altIn the main space of Gallery Schuster Miami there is a solo show by Berlin based painter Gerit Koglin titled “33 Moments”. The artist has taken 33 Moments out of the New Miami Documentation Film Scissors and Glue. The exhibition features screenshots from the film displaying 33 men and women. Viewers can see intimate moments with people like Dennis Sholl or Jason Rubell, but also people from the street or young rappers from Little Haiti.

Gerit Koglin’s work is already known in Germany. He graduated en 2009 at the Berlin Art University in Berlin Weisensee and his work has been revied in the Capital, the major international economy Magazine in Germany.

In the gallery’s video space there is the just finished video “The Truth is Somewhere Beyond” by artistAndrius Kviliunas, who lives and works in Lithuania. His video shows a fiction documentation film inside the still existing but now empty nuclear base in Lithuania. In 1960 more than 10,000 Soviet soldiers started secret works in the Emaitija National Park which took 2 years to complete. The out of the way forest near Plungė was carefully chosen to become a secret base to carry the Soviet Nuclear Weapons. The base was one of the top Soviet military secrets that was revealed by USA reconnaissance in 1978.

Gallery Schuster
2085 B NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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