Pan American Art Projects. Denarrations

From Nov 4th, 2009 through Jan 12th, 2010

Pan American Art Projects is currently presenting the group exhibition Denarrations, curated by Gerardo Mosquera and featuring the work of Rodrigo Facundo (Colombia); Cristina Lucas (Spain); Aernout Mik (Holland); Jorge Perianes (Spain); Tracey Snelling (USA); Vibeke Tandberg (Norway) and Nina Yuen (USA).

This exhibition presents works that use a narrative structure and simultaneously discuss, deconstruct or even subvert narrative conventions. While the artists included have very different poetics, and their works range from installations to video-performances to paintings, all of them share a will to narrate and to “denarrate”. These “denarrations” tell diverse stories by re-inventing narration in unexpected ways and questioning the internal mechanisms of narrative. The works relate distinct tales  – some humorous, some disturbing – but their main story is story telling. This is not a conscious, programmatic or conceptualized process by the artists, but just a natural way to deal with complex meaning in their works.

Denarration tries to articulate sharp examples of this somewhat against-the-grain orientation in contemporary art. The works in exhibition go from Tandberg’s uncanny fable to Lucas’ controversial denarration of the ultimate narrative, that of Genesis. Their interaction in a provocative dialogue at the exhibition suggests more stories than the ones that they un-tell.

Pan American Art Projects
2450 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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