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From Apr 11th through May 23rd, 2009.  Panamerican Art Projects. Miami Art GalleriesThe Mystery of Migrations, Carlos Estevez’s new solo exhibition explores the process of migrations, philosophically, existentially and physically. Carlos approaches this theme from the individual and collective points of view. His work speaks of the implications of the migration process, and its ultimate consequential complexity within the human being. The concept of transformation is very apparent in Carlos’ oeuvre. He addresses it not only as physical change by depicting organic forms that have morphed into machines, but also as a process of intuitive, emotional growth as a result of physical adaptation. Utilizing elements such as wings to illustrate the  henomenon of transformation, and utilizing traditional forms of transportation, such as trains and ships, Carlos makes a clear and direct representation of the effects of a voyage, whether it is a mass migration or a sentimental journey of personal exploration.

This group of paintings marks a new stage in Carlos’ trajectory as an artist. While he continues with the general trend of his previous work, he delves deeper into his symbolic use of metaphorical images. He imbues his figures with mechanical details that breakdown the human condition into numerical formulas. Carlos creates a personal cosmogony, an imaginary world populated by mystical creatures. The Mystery of Migrations is his own voyage, and in a way, our own as well.

In the project room the gallery is presenting the exhibition Two Visions Diptychs: One Lens featuring works by photographers Gory and Adrian Lopez. The exhibition explores the visions of father and son and their examination of several cities. Gory (Rogelio Lopez Marin), an important Cuban photographer, shares his camera with his son Adrian Lopez for the first time, the result being a juxtaposition of the way a father and son perceive the world. Although the photographs are executed with different techniques (Gory favored a color image while Adrian opted for the traditional black and white) a unique dialogue arises: a private conversation between father and son.

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