PanAmericanArtProjects presents Uprooted/Transmigrations

From May 27 through Jul 30, 2011.

alt“Uprooted/Transmigrations” is the descriptive title of the exhibition that Pan American Art Projects will present in Miami from May 24 to July 23 2011. The exhibition has at its core several pieces from Pan American’s extensive collection, complemented by pieces specifically created by some of the artists for this project. The exhibition showcases pieces by important artists from the Americas: the United States, Argentina, Cuba, Jamaica, and Haiti. Through sculptures of diverse size, installations, paintings and interactive pieces, the exhibit focuses on the diaspora as one of the processes that integrate the identity (past and present) of American nations, at a time when most are celebrating bicentennials of their republics, which resulted from rebellion to colonial domination.

Among the artists participating in the project are Cuban-Americans Luis Cruz Azaceta, Carlos Estevez, Humberto Castro; Cubans Kcho, Sandra Ramos, Santiago Olazabal, Abel Barroso; Argentinians Hernan Dompe’ and Yaya Firpo; Jamaicans Milton George and David Boxer; Haitian-American Edouard Duval-Carrie’. The artists’ different visions demonstrate the multi-faceted character of the migration theme and make a display of creativity and ingenuity. The reflection on transnational elements emerges from the manipulation of common objects and materials: Yaya Firpo’s reinvented world maps; Kcho’s spiky kayak, and inner tube populated by metal shanty houses; Azaceta’s island made of the slaves’ cotton, and boat made of found material, George’s New York and Los Angeles paintings imbued with his difficulty with emigration; Boxer’s history of slavery; Olazabal’s boat to transport new slaves; Duval-Carrie’s uprooted tree with hearts hanging from its limbs; these are all expressions of a contemporary poetic, born of indigenous culture and popular crafts but presenting modern reinterpretations explored through contrast and paradox.

“Uprooted/Transmigrations” will allow to appreciate the current condition of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art, through the committed and sincere creations by a dozen of the area’s most renowned artists. Abelardo Mena – Curator of International art, Museo de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba.

2450 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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